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Well, I've made some progress. I feel like a writing machine. I write random outlines while pretending to take notes in my Women Studies class while actually listening to what the teacher says. Although she does tend to read fascinating stuff of the handouts she gives us, it does gobble up class time. Just saying.

Anywho. I'm uber excited because tomorrow I have NO classes. Zip. WRITING DAY!!! Time to put down more words down.

Also  I finished my Sisters Fate story. I feel proud of myself for finishing it. Even though it's really a novel and tried to claw it's way out by not ENDING, but then I used brutal force by telling my poor readers how Mr. Abernathy fared later. It was a bit like this little scene from The Emperor's New Groove: 

Yeah. Maybe not quite that exciting, but now I was really tired after writing that, and then writing another chapter of a different story. Go read it. Lots of teeth. (Someone tell it's a novel before I spend time on it, oh dear)


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Sep. 15th, 2010 08:05 am (UTC)
Hurray for the writing day! Here's hoping you were successful with it. :)
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